Mugu viral fever kills more than a dozen


MUGU, Dec 2: More than a dozen have died due to a viral fever outbreak inMugu. Children and elderly are suffering from cough and cold, pneumonia and viral fever in the district.

Residents of Chayanath Rara municipality said that many family members have fallen ill. Ten people, including two children, aged 1 and 5, have died in the past 10 days.

Likewise, more than six people have died due to the viral outbreak in Khatyad rural municipality, local Birkha Bahadur Thapa said adding the entire village was suffering from the outbreak. Retrieving exact data of those who have died due to the outbreak has been hampered by lack of communication channel.  

Locals said that lack of timely treatment was one of the reasons of increasing deaths in the district. Viral symptoms include severe fever, headache, stomach ache, dizziness, swollen throat and vomiting. Those being affected by the outbreak include children and people suffering from asthma and blood pressure.

The viral fever has spread excessively in Gamtha, Righa, Ratapani, Kotdada, Shreekot and the surroundings. As temperature dips, the number of people suffering from fever is increasing significantly.  

Man Prasad Bhatta, ward chairperson of Soru rural municipality said that residents of Jimma village were also severely affected by viral fever. The District Health Office has deployed health workers with medicines to areas that have been affected by the outbreak.

Dr. Bipin Kafle at the District Health Office said that there was a rise in number of people visiting the hospital for viral fever, cough and cold were increasing.

December 2, 2017 16:08 PM