Girl accused of murdering brother commits suicide in police custody



Oct 29, 2017-A girl accused of murdering her 13-year-old cousin brother has committed suicide in police custody on Sunday. Priyanka Yadav, 16, of Karjanha Municipality-2 in the district, along with her accomplice, has been accused of murdering 13-year-old Bhawesh Kumar Yadav.

Priyanka committed suicide in a bathroom of Bishnupur Police Post in less than five hours after police made the accused murderers public by holding a press conference.

According to Siraha Police Chief SP Sekhar Koirala, Priyanka entered bathroom to take a shower at 4:30pm this evening. But when she did not return for quite a moment, police intervened only to find her hanging from a shawl tied to a ventilation grill.

Police made public Priyanka and Sanjay Kumar Sah, 14, of Dhanusha, on the charge of murdering a child at Mirchaiya Area Police Office amid a press conference at 11am this morning. Priyanka was then taken to Bishnupur Police Post citing lack of enough space in Mirchaiya Police Office.

Why Priyanka murdered her brother?

Police investigation has revealed that Priyanka and her boyfriend Sah murdered Bhawesh after he caught them red handed in a compromising position while they had gone to field for grazing cattle.

“Bhawesh saw his sister and Sanjay Sah having physical intercourse in a nursery on October 18. Fearing that he might disclose their illicit relationship, the duo planned to murder the 13-year-old and executed the ploy on October 20 using Khukuri,” said DSP Gajursiddhi Bajracharya of Mirchaiya Police Office during a press conference today.  

Bhawesh had threatened his sister of disclosing her activity with her family members and this became the motive for the murder, police said during press conference.

According to police investigation, the duo lured Bhawesh into the nursery saying they have placed a mobile phone and firecrackers for him. When Bhawesh reached the site, they killed him instantly wielding Khukuri. Priyanka is a cousin sister of Bhawesh while Sanjay of Dhanusha district used to live with his maternal uncle Nabin Kumar Sah for studies.

Published: 29-10-2017  19:35