The power of love



KATHMANDU: Love is powerful enough to transform a bad guy into a gentleman. Johnny Gentleman tells you how, and promises a full dose of entertainment from beginning till the end.

Johnny’s (Paul Shah) profession is to break into jails and help criminals escape. Then the bad guy falls in love with Shree (Aanchal Sharma), a handicraft teacher, at first sight.

Shree reciprocates his feeling, and Johnny leaves his profession. But their sweet love story gets a difficult turn as some unfortunate incidents unravel. This twist makes the movie more interesting as the film develops in the direction that is beyond expectation.

Shah has shed his earlier image of a lean and thin chocolate hero. With a well-built physique and matching get up — leather jacket, grunge pants and shades — he gives that irresistible aura of manliness.

Performance wise, he is at his best as he transforms into different moods through his facial expressions, be it romantic or serious scenes.

Sharma always looks cute and beautiful with simple make-up and curly hair. She is natural as a person with a helpful and loving nature.

The supporting actors are fair enough — Bikash Joshi as Johnny’s roommate always makes you laugh with his funny acting. And Santos S Giri, as police officer Acharya, is a surprise in the film. He is natural as a smart police officer.

The songs are pleasing to listen to and their respective videos are beautiful to watch. Among the five songs Jaba Jaba Timro Saath, sung by Anju Panta and Suresh Lama, is melodious and catchy.

Nitin Chand has directed an engaging flick that boasts of a unique story, right actors and a good synchronisation of incidents.

A must watch.


Johnny Gentleman

Genre: Romance
Director: Nitin Chand
Cast: Paul Shah, Aanchal Sharma, Bikash Joshi, Jaina Kuwar, Santos S Giri
Being screened at QFX Cinemas

Published: October 2, 2017 1 : 50 pm (source : THT)