Australia is an amazing country for coffee, Mountain Coffee Beans will be attracting the coffee lovers in Australia : Himal Budhathoki, MD of Mountain Coffee Beans


Kathmandu :

Himal Budhathoki, though involved in coffee business for a short time has become one of the renowned names in this field. He established Mountain Coffee Beans (MCB) two years before in Kathmandu since then he has been actively working in coffee production and marketing not only throughout Nepal but also exporting coffee to some parts of Asia & Europe as well. Budhathoki currently visiting Australia shared his opinions with ehimaalyan .com claiming that he will be successfully expanding the market of MCB all over Australia very soon.

Mr Budhathoki, is it your first visit to Australia? Can please explain what is the purpose of visiting Australia?    

 Yes of course, this is my first visit to Australia. It’s an amazing country and so beautiful indeed.  I’m so much attracted from the beauty & advancement of this country.  Actually, I came here to see my wife who is studying here. At the same time, since I’m involved to coffee business, I’m curious studying coffee markets here as well.

How do you see coffee markets here ?

It’s wonderful coffee markets here. People’s passion is so big for the coffee in Australia. Despite being hectic schedule, people never mind standing in queue for long time just for a cup of coffee which definitely shows how they are crazy for coffee.

Do you have any future plan expanding your business in Australia as well ?

Right now Im just studying the markets then I’ll be making plans how to go ahead with my MCB products. In Nepal we are doing so good with our products but it takes some time in exploring our markets here as well.  I’m quite enthusiastic in expanding our business here if we can. “You will see how MCB market will be booming soon in Australia, “ says he.

What difference have you found the interest of coffee lovers in Nepal than in Australia ?

No comparison between Nepal & Australia in this issue. Here people’s life is so fast and busy. Despite being hectic they like to drink coffee but coffee culture is in starting phase in Nepal.  In western countries drinking coffee is like a part of their tradition they love drinking coffee early in the morning to before going to bed. They drink various types of coffee also. But in Nepal just now the people are learning the importance of coffee. Coffee culture is slowly growing up in Nepal.

It’s learnt that you are running Barista Training in Kathamndu. How is it going on ?

Very good question, yes we are giving Barista Training to a lot of youngsters interested learning coffee makings. Many young people especially those interested going to aboard are taking this training at our Barista Training Centre.  Once they achieve this training it’ll be helpful for them in getting jobs in abroad along with their study. My many students trained in our training centre are also working at coffee shops even in Australia. We appreciate to them.    

Do you have any message to Nepali people living in Australia about your coffee ?

Hey everybody, being Nepali at first I’m proud of myself. I’m involved in coffee business in Nepal. My products Mountain Coffee Beans is doing incredible in Kathmandu.  We are running a dozen of coffee outlets all total 17 throughout Kathmandu. There is a good demand of our products even in Japan, Korea, UK and Germany where we are already exporting.  Even the sample of our coffee has been sent to UAE & Saudi Arabia; hopefully they’ll accept our proposals. After then, we will also be exporting coffee to Gulf as well.


 September 25, 2017