DoC rolls out new customs reforms



The Department of Customs (DoC) has unveiled its four-year plan to upgrade clearing and checking systems of customs at par with international level from this year. With Rs 15 billion assistance from Asian Development Bank, the DoC has initiated implementation of its fifth phase of reforms to upgrade the country’s customs systems.

The reform plan includes amendment of rules and improvement in operational behaviour of the customs staffers.

Ram Sharan Chimoriya, director general of DoC, informed that the customs authority would establish online trading system on Kathmandu-Kolkata trading route as one of the major works in this phase. “The major route of international trading will be online-based after implementation of this reform plan,” he said.

The DoC also plans to establish online-based single window system for concerned authorities regarding trade business. According to Chimoriya, the government authorities would be provided a single online platform through which they would be able to check the required details of traders and traded goods.

Similarly the DoC will initiate to synchronise Nepal’s customs laws with provisions of World Trade Organisation. “As per our commitment to review the existing laws, DoC will amend necessary rules and laws in this phase,” Chimoriya said.

Moreover, the DoC has also planned to begin risk-based online checking system, which means the computer-based system will check the vehicles and goods before permitting their passage against the current system in which customs staffers do the checks manually. “The new system is expected to address the complaints that traders have to face many hassles from DoC staffers during checks,” he informed.

In the fourth phase of reform, DoC had implemented Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) in 10 major customs offices. DoC will implement this system in all customs offices within this fiscal year.

September 22, 2017