Nepathya releases new video ‘Siranma Photo Chha’


KATHMANDU: Nepal’s famous folk-rock band, Napathya has released a new video Siranma photo chha as part of its video release series to mark the band’s Silver Jubilee Year.

In a statement today, Nepalaya said the song was taken from Nepathya’s 9th album- “Aaina Jhyaal‘, the song lyrics was based on a melody from the Langtang region in Rasuwa district, where Nepathya’s classic hit Bhedako Oon Jasto was originated from.

The song Mai Mari Jaula is composed in a Tamang Selo rhythm and covers story of people, separated by migrant labour culture, their plight, suffering and ironically some of them returning in coffin never to meet their loved ones again, it said in the statement.

“Mai Mari Jaula………..Jeevan Choto Chha
Lekheko Samjhana…….Chyatera Naphala
Siranma Photo Chha………………”

“We have been releasing 10 songs on an average per album” shared Nepathya lead singer Amrit Gurung. “Traditionally, only few lucky numbers witness popularity and the rest goes unnoticed. This song remains of such fate. I am glad it is being released through YouTube”. Gurung added.

The video is a simple lyric video, which has been catching trend with simple comic art in background, text moves to follow the lyrics, as stated in the statement.

The band decided to release the video after completing their recent tour of Australia and New Zealand.

September 13, 2017