Nepal Loktantrik Party formed comprising dissidents of then MPRF-D


DANG, Jun 7: Vice Chairman of then Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (Democratic) (MPRF-D) Gita Chhetri could not feature in the list of election candidates of the Nepali Congress after the former underwent merger with the NC. Chhetri was all set to contest provincial elections representing MPRF-D.  

Devastated by the unification between the NC and MPRF-D, Chhetri did not participate actively in the elections as the dissatisfaction was piling up within her until it took a different mode.

Bhanuram Chaudhari, another dissident of the party, and Chhetri then decided to form a separate political party. The two defectors now have formed a new party called Nepal Loktantrik Party (NLP) in which Chhetri is second in party rank.

“We have formed a new party after the NC did not provide us space,” she said.

In the new party comprised of new entrants who were neglected by the NC following unification between the two parties, Bhanu Ram Chaudhary is the chairman while Chhetri is vice chairman.

NLP has a 71-ad-hoc committee now and there will be 121 members in the central committee. The central working committee was formed on June 3. 

June 7, 2018 02:41 PM