Pilot and co-pilot killed in plane crash



Both the pilot and the co-pilot were killed in Makalu's air crash at Humla said Rabin Shrestha, chief of District Police Office, Humla.

The Makalu airplane, call sign 9 N AUJ had lost contact at 6:45 AM today was spotted at Kharpunath rural municipliaty-2 of Humla.

The plane had departed from Surkhet at 6:12 AM today carrying 1,170 kilogram of cargo to Simikot of Humla. However, the plane had lost contact and crashed at east-western part of Dhulachaur of Bajura.

A search helicopter had spotted the plane damaged completely, according to police. The District Police Office, Humla said that police personnel would reach the crash site in a while. 

The plane was flown by Captain Kiran Bhattarai and co-pilot Aditya Nepali. 

The dead bodies have been taken to Surkhet. 

Published : 16 May 2018