Random sand mining taking toll on the Sunkoshi RiverRandom sand mining taking toll on the Sunkoshi River


SINDHULI, May 15: The random extraction of sand, aggregates and stones in the Sunkosi River is not only taking a heavy toll on the nearby environment but also on the r natural beauty of the river.

Crusher plants operators have been exploiting the sand and stones in the Sunkoshi River near Khurkot in Golanjor rural municipality to various places in the Sunkoshi rural municipality.

Large holes have developed in various pales in the River while the river has changed its course in some places due to random sand mining. The crusher plants operators from Ramechhap and Sindhuli have been using excavators to extract sand mines under the cover of local representatives, said Manoj Dahal, a local.

“Various excavators are being used in the Sunkoshi River, said Dahal, adding, “The resources have been exploited to the extent that it has turned the river bleak. It is likely that the river will run dry unless the ongoing extraction is stopped immediately. The river has also changed its course.”

Locals have started staging protests over the random extraction. However, the extraction is taking place unabated, Kapil Koirala of Sunkoshi rural municipality.

Despite agreement to use only three to four tippers by six crusher plants of the rural municipality, over hundreds of tippers are seen in the Sunkoshi River, according to Koirala.

May 15, 2018 15:35 PM