Religious leader Sriniwas Acharya held from Kathmandu


KATHMANDU: Religious leader Sriniwas Acharya, who was earlier shot at on April 8, has been held from Kathmandu by the police on Monday. Acharya has been accused of issuing instructions to shoot himself.

Morang Police had earlier arrested two suspects in connection with the shooting who during investigation directed towards Sriniwas as the mastermind of the incident.



According to Chief at the Morang District Police Office, SP Arun Kumar BC, Acharya was brought to Morang from Gaushala in Kathmandu. “The prime accused in the case pointed toward Acharya as the mastermind of the shooting incident. We have begun interrogation with Sriniwas Acharya regarding the same.”

“He has not, however, responded to the accusations or admitted to anything yet,” said SP BC.

Religious organisations, leaders had condemned the incident calling it ‘an attack on Hinduism’.

The religious leader referred to as the Baal Santa (Child Sage), when the incident happened, was in Biratnagar where he went to attend the Shreemad Bhagvad Mahapuran scheduled for the same day.

May 7, 2018 16:46PM