Issue of women journalists’ absence in editorial level stressed


KATHMANDU: The absence of women journalists’ representation at the editorial level in comparison to high number of male editors became a topic of debate at a programme held on Wednesday.

During an interaction on “Women journalists’ condition in newsroom” organised by Working Women Journalists (WWJ), participating speakers shed light on prejudice against women journalists in media organisations.



WWJ Chairperson Amika Rajthala noted that women journalists enjoying equal status with their male counterparts in the media houses was still not visible in the editorial level.

She added that the relevance of ‘World Press Freedom Day’ – proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in December 1993 – remained high in Nepal.

The World Press Freedom Day is marked to underline the fundamental tenets of journalism and press freedom, evaluation of press freedom in the global context, violence against journalists in course of reporting, and even the incidents of death in course of carrying out their duties.

WWJ Vice Chairperson and National News Agency (RSS) former General Manager, Nirmala Acharya, said the leadership of a woman journalist in the newsroom could bring about a structural change and reforms in services and facilities.

Acharya said that during her term as the RSS general manager, she focused on women journalists’ progress and physical development of the news agency. She made it clear that women journalists are not weak in any ground as compared to their male counterparts.

On the occasion, participating women journalists spoke of bias and discrimination during acquisition of permanent job status, promotion and other opportunities.

Published: May 03, 2018 4:58 pm