Positive transformation in five years: PM


Kathmandu :

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli today said the country would see tangible positive transformation in the next five years.

Stating that Nepal, with its glorious history, culture and civilisation, would not lag behind, the PM said the government had no option but to build the nation.

“Respecting the faith that people expressed in me through the election, I vow that I will never let your aspirations fail,” said Oli in a televised address to the nation this morning from the banks of Rara Lake in Mugu, Karnali.

Wishing good health and prosperity to all Nepalis on the occasion of the New Year-2075, the PM appealed to all political parties to move ahead united to ensure institutional development of democracy, protection of national interests and achievement of prosperity in line with the government’s motto of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepalis’.

The PM said the government’s efforts would be directed by nationalism, democracy, social justice, equality, social harmony and national unity, peace and stability and development and prosperity.

“History has taught us how national pride and nationalism is endangered if we are dependent on others. Therefore, planned economic development, interdependence, and trade diversification will be pursued,” said Oli.

The government will maintain close relations with neighbours, friendly nations, and the international community keeping at the centre sovereignty, territorial integrity, national interest, pride and independence, said the PM. “Strengthening nationalism, the government will take Nepal’s prestige, pride, and identity to new heights at the international level,” he said.

Stating that democracy was the lifestyle of Nepali people, Oli said the government’s programmes would focus on strengthening the federal democratic republic system and be directed by ideas of human rights and open society.

“We will put in place necessary infrastructure and resources to ensure implementation of social justice provisions guaranteed by the constitution in line with the concept of socialism-oriented state,” said Oli, adding that the government’s efforts would be targeted at ending absolute poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and lack of basic facilities such as health, transportation, electricity and drinking water.

Saying that economic development would be expedited, he assured the private sector guarantee of returns, and expressed commitment to ensure investment-friendly environment and harmonious labour relations. Stating that public-private partnership would be given priority, Oli said cooperatives would also be a major base for socialism-oriented economy. The PM also appealed to the international community and investors to invest in Nepal without apprehensions.

In order to strongly establish the theory of checks and balance, the government will ensure power decentralisation, independent judiciary and rule of law, said Oli, adding that the government would take ruthless and non-compromising approach against corruption by adopting necessary legislation and carrying out structural reforms.

As for the agriculture sector, Oli said the government would pursue farm modernisation and commercialisation to bring down the proportion of population dependent on agriculture to 25 per cent from the present one-third and boost farm productivity four-fold in five years. Agriculture’s contribution to the national economy will be lowered to 20-25 per cent from the present one-third, he said.

He also said the upcoming policies and programmes would provide a detailed outline of development of infrastructure, water resources and modular transport facility with railways and waterways.

Stating that tourism was a major base for development, he said infrastructure development, market promotion and presentation of tourism sites would be carried out.

As far as education is concerned, Oli said a new education policy would be devised to restructure the education system to develop skilled manpower for realising the goals of development and prosperity.

On healthcare, Oli said investment would increase, compulsory health insurance for every citizen would be ensured and free health services would be made available for people below the poverty line, children, and senior citizens.

Oli also said reconstruction of physical infrastructure damaged by earthquake, floods and other natural disasters would be expedited.

Published: April 15, 2018 9:59 am