A friend is the one we choose


Rosa Tamara 

Our family is many time our nest, our security, our fundation, and others are sad that the outcome is horrific; a family is our start in life.

 But friends are the people from whom we learn to be us. 

You can always find trust, love, and many interesting things in common with them. But sometimes,at the same time, there are people who pretend to be good and  trustworthy friend and those people are dangerous.

 A good friend who I have is one of my grandpas and his name is Abbie; we both have gone a long way together.

 I learn morals, a way of life, and his personal experiences from when he was a child and where he grow up.

We fight sometimes but we mostly share popcorn, go to the cinema, and eat ice~cream together.

 What is been done to us cannot be changed, the harm is already done, but surely this is the way for me to talk to my friends and continue to be with me.

We cannot change recent pain, but together we can present it and make the changes. So what "my friends" did to me, I hope shall never happen again.

 I found out, that the paper is a good friend of mine, it never lets me down and no matter what, it keeps me going....... There are many ways to be a friend but the Honest and Respectful ones' are the best.

I would love to see more people and friends of nepal and everywhere to be kind and respectful to children and women. They need to be kind and we need to understand them.

 Being a child is hard and adults are not kind, they do horrors to children for money and with money; they have forgotten that they were also children and we are only once a child in our life.

I always read and I know it is good for a child to have other children-friends because it helps each other to be confident, creative, and we are not able to be possible if we are not allowed to be a child and we are not respected as children.

The pain and harm done to me by "friends" make me strong; sometimes it hurts, so I read and dance and not being able to be free or to be a child does not make me lonely because with the help of my of my friends ad family, I am me.

As Anna Frank said " I know what I want, I have a goal and an opinion, I have a religion and I have love. Let me be myself and then I am satisfied. I know I am a woman, a woman with inward strength and plenthy of courage".

Being strong does not make me a superhuman to take anger all the time. So in tune with your presence and commitment, all the children will have a place in society. We children, are supposed to be the future.

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Published : March 7, 2018 Saturday time : 19 : 40 PM