Bhole Baba apologises for thrashing of woman accused of witchcraft in Kailali



Local shaman Ram Bahadur Chaudhary, aka Bhole Baba, who was arrested for his involvement in thrashing of a girl in Ghodaghodi Municipality-5, Kailali on March 8, has apologised to police.

Chaudhary who is in the custody of District Police Office, Kailali, for investigation into the incident in which Radha Chaudhary (20) of Deukali of Ghodaghodi Municipality-5, Kailali, was beaten black and blue accusing her of practising witchcraft.

According to police, Chaudhary has apologised his involvement in the incident and said that he would no more indulge himself into practising shamanism and curing people of their illnesses. However, he said that he would stay hermit, police informed.

Chaudhary was rumoured to have paid obeisance of Shankar, one of the three main Hindu Gods in the dream on January 15 and was blessed with magical powers that could cure illness. However, Chaudhary denied the existence of witches or sorcerer.

Sub Inspector Dinesh Bista at the Area Police Office, Sukkhad had freed Chaudhary the same day in the presence of Ghodaghodi Municipality Mayor Mamata Prasad chaudhary, ward chair Prem Rokaya and victim girl’s father Jokhan Chaudhary.

The case was settled after the mayor pressed for reconciliation. However, Chaudhary was arrested again after the news came to the media.

Published: March 14, 2018 2:00 pm