" WHO AM I..........WHO WE ARE" as title.......



Writer : Journalist Rosa Tamara


          Am I a child or a woman? When is a child a child? why are we treated differently from women when they (men) do the same to children?

            Why a woman, is not a child? Why women have to kill a baby girl?

Why I cannot run free, safe from harm,is it me or society? If I am society why is there so little space and time to be a child? 

Why if a child is the future, men kill humans, and through this they destroy humanity, thus the future?

 I have a chance in life to learn,to read and to write on the ground with a branch of a tree in the unkind heat of the Terai.

 I learn from being loved, cared for and safe that life changes not only because of time and nature but because of peoples' intentionsans and 

 so little respect for each other.

 Is bullying a problem for a child? Being bullied leaves you isolated, shows little support that she/he may have at home, school and public places.

 But when an adult take pleasure in others pain, is that being a bully or is that a crime? 

 Life is one but it seems that there is a reality for each and everyone............Why does this world accept so many childern being killed? 

 Am i a child or an adult,a litttle girl or a woman or someone just taking pain from others?

 Being a child is very complicated and we are only once a child......

 So I am an eleven year old child who has experienced far too much as a child and I am a woman because of the way bad people have treated me,

 unfair and many children are there dying every day?

 This is my first public essay so if you want to talk to me and reply to what I have written, please write to me in here my email:

 Sometimes people tell me that I have to write like a child and I have to behave like a child, but is it wrong to be a child who mum calls it                         "critical thinking"!!!!!!!

              So from now on, we can meet here in the newspaper once a week.........

Published : Sunday March 11 2018, 5 : 45 PM