Conservationists agree to control smuggling of diclofenac


Kanchanpur, Feb 27:

The conservationists of Nepal and India have agreed to control the smuggling of diclofenac, a drug which is believed to be extremely toxic to vultures. 

A meeting of the conservationists from Nepal and India held in Mahendranagar on Friday at the call of Bird Conservation Nepal made such agreement for their bid to conserve the vultures-- nature’s rubbish collectors. 
A total of 46 districts are declared diclofenac-free areas in the country so far, Vulture Conservation Officer Khadananda Poudel said. 

He also shared that the diclofenac drug made in India and being used to reduce the pain of animals could be replaced from the use of other drugs that are less hazardous for vultures. 

Likewise, Chief Conservation Officer of Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve Office, Bed Kumar Dhakal, said that such meetings were fruitful platforms for learning in the field of conservation.