NEA warns of 'blackout' in Lalitpur area to curb power theft



Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has warned that it would cut off electricity line in various places of Lalitpur district if the denizens of these areas do not cooperate in curbing the power theft.

NEA Managing Director (MD) Kulman Ghising said that the he has given an ultimatum of 15 days to the consumers to stop stealing electricity through illegal means such as directly connecting a wire to the main transmission line. 

“It is unfortunate to have denizens of the capital being involved in the power theft,” said MD Ghising, warning that he would cut off electricity line if they did not stop stealing power within 15 days.

The illegal power theft is taking place in various places in Lalitpur including Lukhusi, Chyasal, Mangal Bazaar, Ikhalakhu, Dhalachhe, Saugal, Dupat, Pinche, Pilachhe in a coordinated manner.

Similarly, the other areas where the power is being stolen include Harisiddhi, Guhitole, Thaiba, Bangegaun, Siddhipur, Lubhu Bazaar, Lankuri Bhanjyang.

Published : 1 February 2018 , 3 : 23 pm