SC releases Dr Govinda KC on general date


KATHMANDU: The Supreme Court on Wednesday has ordered the release of Dr Govinda KC on general date. Justices Purushottam Bhandari’s and Bam Kumar Shrestha’ s joint session bench ordered the  release of KC and passed the verdict that KC be handed over to his lawyer Surendra Bhandari.

Earlier, KC was arrested from sit-in-protest spot on the charge of contempt of court soon after he announced his 14th hunger-strike on Monday demanding resignation of Chief Justice (CJ) Gopal Parajuli.

The SC has also ordered to bring to the court both citizenship certificates issued to Chief Justice Gopal Parajuli by District Administration Office, Kathmandu along with the copies of Parajuli’s educational qualification.

Published on : Published: January 10, 2018 7 : 30  pm