EC publishes election operation cost


KATHMANDU, Jan 7: The Election Commission (EC) has published the election operation cost of Provincial Assembly and House of Representatives held in two phases on November 26 and December 7.

The government had provided 10 Billion Rupees to EC for completing the two-phase elections. Three hundred million Rupees had transferred as capital expenditure and remaining 9.7 billion Rupees had released for elections.

5,622,147, 299 (57.96 %) budget had been spent up to December 7, EC informed.  The budget released for the 77 districts is Rs. 4,861,468,608 (50.12 %) and the budget spend from EC is Rs. 76,678,691 (7.84%), EC published.

Amidst the total budget provided by the government Rs. 477,852,700 (40.04 %) is remaining and this budget will be spent for upcoming elections of  National Assembly, President and Vice-President stated EC.

EC had deployed more than 215 thousand manpower and more than 64 types of election materials were used for the election of Provincial and House of Representatives.  Out of 165 Polling stations in 77 districts, the Office of Chief Election Officer had established and in 88 polling stations, the Office of Election Officer had established.

Published on :  January 7, 2018 20: 15 PM