About Us

www.himalayannewsexpress.com basically is an online news company running under Himalayan News Express Pvt. Ltd. established on 2nd June 2015.  It is a team of professional journalists having a good command in filing national & international news.

The versatile team of this online news has included not only the local journalists but also foreign professionals who are dedicating their time for the well-being and the betterment of this company.

 It has been formally registered at the Office of the Company Registrar also being recorded at the Department of Information and Press Council of Nepal.

It is an online forum which can inspire the freelance journalists and authors to file their news & articles from different parts of the world as well.


Message from the team:

Get connected each and every moment with www.himalayannewsexpress.com for any kind of news.

Our prime objective is to keep the internet users updated about all kind of news especially research, politics, business, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and all walks of the life. At the same time, we have provided space for the freelance journalism and also for the columnists who are encouraged to write articles on any issues.